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Frequently Asked Questions

June 20, 2016 by Ololade Adedayo

How long is the agreement?

Our standard length of tenancy agreement is 44 weeks running typically from September to June. January starts have 25 weeks minimum length of tenancy agreement.

Prior to the start of your tenancy, you will have signed and returned your agreement. Tenancy agreement will be renewed for all our continuing students who wish to prolong their stay in their accommodation. You only need to let us know no later than the second week in January or the 12th week into your tenancy. Booking payment (50% discount) applies for tenancy renewals.

What payment options do i have for my tenancy?

You have a full payment option and an installment option to pay your tenancy.

The full payment option is 44 weeks rent or 25 weeks rent paid once and in full for your entire stay on or before your tenancy start date. You get 3% off full cost also (only exclusive to some listed accommodation)

The installment payment option allows you to make 2 or 3 installments/part payments over the 44 weeks or 25 weeks tenancy course.

Our fixed three installments payment periods for 44 weeks tenancy (September start) are due at: start of tenancy, week 17 and week 32.

Our fixed two installments payment periods for 25 weeks tenancy (January start) are due at: start of tenancy and week 16

When is my accommodation rent Installment / part payment due?

If paying your rent in installments/part then your first installment is due on or before your tenancy start date. Your second installment is due at week 17 of your tenancy and third installment due at week 30. You will find the exact due dates stipulated in your tenancy agreement.

E.g 1. Mike chooses 17 weeks as his first tenancy payment when he makes a booking, meaning he looks to pay in three installments. His first part payment of 17 weeks is due before he takes possession of the accommodation, i.e. on or before his tenancy start date. His second part payment of 15 weeks is due at week 17 of his occupancy and his third part payment of 12 weeks is due at week 32 of his occupancy. He completes his 44 weeks full tenancy payment at his third part payment.

E.g 2. Janet chooses 32 weeks as her first tenancy payment when she makes a booking, meaning she looks to pay in two installments. Her first part payment of 32 weeks is due before she takes possession of the accommodation, i.e. on or before her tenancy start date. Her second part payment of 12 weeks is due at week 32 of her occupancy. She completes her 44 weeks full tenancy payment at her second installment/part payment.

To be sure of your exact installment payment due dates, please refer to your signed tenancy agreement where its stipulated. On move in/key collection day i.e. the start of tenancy, cash payments will be turned away if presented on site to Student Pavilion agent. We simply don’t accept cash paymenta for the additional bank charges incurred for processing and the inconvenience of banking it. So on your move in date i.e. start of tenancy be sure your finances is in place and first installment is able to reach and registered in our account. If transfering from a UK bank account, transfers can usually take up to 2hrs to show in the receipient’s account so this would not be a problem if you decide to pay on the day in your new accommodation. The Student Pavilion agent would be able to verify your transfer however if transfering internationally or via any other bank transfer means then its your responsibilty to make sure its done early enough to be received in our account on the day.

What is a pre approval?

All accommodation listed with an Available status needs to be pre-approved by us first on receipt of a booking request. Please ensure you have completed a pre-assessment tenancy form prior making a booking request.

What is a pre assessment tenancy form?

This is our simple tenancy application/pre-qualification form which helps us gather as much information about our prospective student tenant and also for later processing of tenant referencing. It helps us to vet, confirm identity, affordability and your suitability for tenancy. Once you’re ready to make a booking request please fill one out here.

What happens after placing my booking request?

We may issue you a payment and signatory instruction to proceed or we may cancel your booking request. In an unfortunate instance of booking request cancellation we will let you know why.

How long do i have to make payment once passed pre approval?

Once you’ve received payment instruction, request to sign agreement and rent guarantee agreement then you must action these within two weeks.

We require Tenant referencing fee, Booking fee and Returnable deposit paid together with signed tenancy agreement and rent guarantee agreement completed. If you encounter problems you do need to let us know immediately so as not to cancel your booking and pass on booking opportunity to another student.

Why a booking fee?

This is our marketing, administrative and service cost. It is a non-refundable booking and tenancy fee.

It covers a range of our time and working expense, e.g. accommodation promotion via online and outdoor media, arranging and conducting of viewings, pre-assessment tenancy checks, preparation and issuing tenancy agreement, deposit registration and withdrawal, accommodation inspection and inventory reconciliation, checking in/out student tenants, arranging pick ups, yearly equipment servicing (gas, electrics, alarms, detectors), sub-contractor management, emergency and tenancy default management.

Do i get a booking receipt?

Yes, on approval of a pre-assessment tenancy, making a returnable damage deposit and the necessary fees, you will be issued a booking receipt to confirm your accommodation has been secured for your start tenancy.


Do i have to pay tenant referencing / credit check?

Yes you do, but we never charge more than necessary. You’re only charged the same cost as charged by our third party provider.

Tenant referencing is our company due process and we’re legally obliged to conduct tenant referencing to maintain our insurance cover.

Do i need a guarantor to book one of your accommodation?

Yes you do. It is very necessary that we ask you to present a financial responsible person to stand as your rent guarantor if ever a situation arises that you’re unable to pay your rent during the course of your tenancy. This actually protects you against eviction which we hope never to activate except in extremely difficult circumstances of consistent late/non-payment of rent and or misconduct.

All rent guarantors must be UK based and contactable. This could be your parents, guardians or other financially responsible persons. If paying in full you will not need a guarantor and you can’t guarantee yourself either even if a mature student. International students who may struggle for a UK guarantor can use the guarantor services of who are a specialist UK guarantor provider offering guarantor service from £295. Their application is simple with a decision in minutes. Once preapproved a rent guarantee agreement will be emailed to your guarantor.

Do i really need a pick up service?

This would be entirely up to you but we highly recommend this service.

Once you have chosen this add-on when booking you will need to let us know at least 72 hours prior your arrival; date, time, flight number, number of luggages and any accompany person’s to make adequate arrangements when collecting you.

For instance, if you’re arriving at London Heathrow Airport we shall have our representative waiting in the foyer with your name tag displayed to receive you. They will help you with your luggages to the vehicle and provide you free refreshments for the journey. You should arrive at your accommodation within 1:45min bar traffic. Other forms of transport to your accommodation e.g. bus coach or train could bring your total journey time to 6 hours so we encourage all our students to choose and budget for this addon service for a much safer and relaxed travel.

Why a tenancy deposits/damage indemnity?

Simply put, this is an insurance for us against any arrears or damages to property you might incur during your tenancy. We request an amount equal to 6 weeks rents as deposit that is passed unto an independent government approved body known as the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

At the end of your tenancy this will be fully refunded to you provided you aren’t in arrears or left the accommodation and communal areas in a poor state as originally given.

When will i get back my tenancy deposits/damage indemnity?

Usually 3 weeks from end of tenancy we pay back your deposit where instructed in your pre assessment tenancy form. If we’re making a non UK bank transfer you’ll bear the bank’s transaction fee involved. Please ensure accommodation is vacated and your keys are returned to initiate the deposit refund process.

What do i need to do to secure my accommodation?

Following your booking request and if successful you’ll be asked to proceed and complete the booking by fulfilling requirements below which secures your accommodation for the tenancy start date.

1) You must pay the accommodation booking fee and
2) returnable damage deposit as well as
3) agreeing to and signing the tenancy agreement and
4) signing of the rent guarantee agreement.

You will have two weeks to provide aforementioned and once received we’ll email a letter saying your accommodation booking now secured and guaranteed for the start of your tenancy.

Following this, you should prepare to pay your choice rent/tenancy payment option, i.e first installment or full payment as specified during booking. This must be paid on or before the start of tenancy date. Please note that if you wish to pay this when you arrive on start of tenancy date then it must be made electronically. So do ensure sufficient funds are in your account to make an online transfer as cash will not be accepted. Also take consideration for exchange rates to pounds sterling and charges that may apply when doing international bank transfers. Our account details with IBAN and SWIFT codes will be on your accommodation booking invoice.

What must i pay to book my accommodation?

You must pay every cost set out on your invoice, that is:

a tenant referencing fee, a booking fee, returnable damage deposit and any other add-on request made during booking e.g Taxi pick up service.

Together with your payment, your tenancy agreement and rent guarantee agreement must be returned to us within two weeks to be guaranteed the accommodation is yours and secured for the start of tenancy.

How do i pay for my accommodation?

One time payments for securing and guaranteeing your booked accommodation can be made via card or bank transfer into our company account on receipt of invoice.

Please note, payments received via card incurs a surcharge of 2%. Also payments received via bank transfer or in bank deposit must accompany a notification message or call to us informing us of your payment so it can be checked and confirmed. If making a bank transfer or in bank deposit via Pay to Study also let us know. We do not handle cash therefore it will be turned away if presented on site.

Installment rent payments must all be paid via bank transfer into our company account as per dates shown on the tenancy agreement. A direct debit mandate can also be set up with our bank and yours to ensure those monies reach out account on the dates as per tenancy agreement.

What is Pay to Study?

They are an internationally recognised payment transfer service. If they operate in your local country then you may use them to make international bank transfers to your university or accommodation provider for free.

Is my accommodation secured?

Yes, following receipt of pre-assessment tenancy form, pre-approval, all necessary cleared funds with signed agreement and rent guarantee form, you will receive an email from Student Pavilion which confirms your accommodation secured and guaranteed for your tenancy start date and move in.

When do i sign my tenancy agreement?

You sign and return your tenancy agreement within two weeks of it been issued to you.

Following our confirmation email, you will receive a tenancy agreement and rent guarantee agreement to complete and return to us. If you choose to pay in full your 44 weeks rent then disregard the rental guarantee form.

Can i take occupancy before my tenancy start date?

Yes but you will have to pay. The tenancy agreement only allows you occupancy from the tenancy start date as booked. E.g. your tenancy start date is 9th Sep but you wish to move in two weeks before. You will have to pay 2 weeks separately.

How do i pick my accommodation keys when i arrive?

You will meet a Student Pavilion agent at your accommodation on arrival who checks you in and assist you with all settling down needs. They will be your Coventry guide buddy when you need help.

Whats included?

Inclusive rent is your water utility and internet broadband. You will only have to pay for your own energy usage, that is: electric and gas utility. We suggest an additional budget of £30 per month set aside to cover this cost.

What happens if i change my mind after securing my accommodation?

We’d hope you don’t cancel after your accommodation has been secured however if you do change your mind you incur a £200 cancellation charge and the booking fee you paid. Your returnable damage deposit paid would be paid back less any bank transaction fee. Please refer to our cancellation default policy

Can i move out during my tenancy?

Yes you can at any point of the agreement however till a replacement is found you are still responsible for rental payment. It is your responsibility to find your replacement but we look to assist you as well.

Though any cost we incur in finding you a replacement will be levied against you and where full payment of 44 weeks rent has been made a refund is calculated from when a new student replacement starts occupancy.

Can i switch to another room or apartment accommodation?

Yes as long as there is availability, you will only pay the difference if upgrading or we refund the difference if downgrading.

Can I book a whole house with my friends instead of just my own accommodation?

Yes, and in fact our preference is for group of friends teaming up to book a house but this can only happen if other room accommodations within same shared house have not been booked by somebody else.

All shared house listings tell you the number of bedroom accommodations in the house and if it’s the right number for yourself and friends then please call us to confirm if all is available. Alternatively you can check the availability status of all the other accommodation rooms in the houseshare by scrolling down on any given listing page.

If all is available, go ahead and fill out our pre-assessment tenancy form and make a booking request specifying the number of friends in your group via the pull down field “I have friends to houseshare with”. We shall be in contact with you to get the identity of your other friends. You should also get them to sign up on the website and complete a pre-assessment tenancy form.

Can I choose who to live with?

If you haven’t booked an accommodation with your friends then most likely you will be living and meeting your housemates for the first time.

Do you provide female only accommodation?

No we don’t, however if you have a group of female friends that wish to live together then we can provide you an houseshare. Please call us for property availability.

What happens in the summer weeks?

This period typically 8 weeks of vacation we utilise to prepare the accommodation for the new academic year and tenancy start. If you wish to go away for the summer break but elongate your stay then you’ll need to sign a new tenancy agreement before you go on holidays and pay a summer break retainer rent (which is half of your weekly rent). Also you will not need to remove your items since you’ll be back after your vacation.

If you’re staying in your accommodation may be for work reasons or extended academic work during the summer break and you also wish to elongate your stay for the new academic year then you will need to sign both short-term agreement and a new tenancy agreement.

If you are not renewing your tenancy but you only wish to stay on during the summer break after your tenancy ends then you will need to sign only a short-term agreement. In this case you must vacate the property at the due date to allow entry for new occupants.

I like to continue in my room accommodation for the next academic year, what do i do?

Give us ample notice before end of Jan for instance if your tenancy started September of previous year so your room accommodation isn’t up for grabs by another student. You will need to pay a tenancy renewal fee of £30, half rent in the periods between existing end of tenancy and start of new tenancy and you also get £50 off for rebooking.

e.g your accommodation is £100 per wk, existing tenancy ends 15th July 2017 and the start of new tenancy begins 9th Sep 2017, therefore for 8 weeks you pay half rent less £50 rebooking discount and £30 tenancy renewal fee so what you only pay is £320 summer retainer rent. This applies only if going away during the summer vacation weeks but if staying you will pay full rent on a short term contract less £50 rebooking discount and £30 tenancy renewal fee.

Is there free parking at my accommodation?

We cannot guarantee a private spot for you however all of our accommodations come with free on-street parking. So you can park directly in front of your property. Also see the accommodation listing for specific detail.

How do i do my washing or cooking?

All our accommodation comes with modern washers and fully fitted kitchen. We provide a dryer for your cloths; kitchen pots, plates and utensils may already exist for your use.

Can I bring my own electrical, e.g. rice cooker?

For health and safety reasons we ask you not to bring any electricals into your accommodation or communal area other than your personal care products such as hair straighteners or shavers. All electricals already provided are pat tested and safe for your use.

Where can i buy food stuff?

There are several choice supermarkets around your accommodation to shop at; Asda, Tesco, Lidl, Sainsbury’s for fresh and frozen meals. For international options like Asian, African and European foods you can find specialty shops on Far Gosford street, Stoke, Radford.

And if you won’t cook or can’t cook then fast foods, restaurants and delivery take away options are within the vicinity and a phone call away. All service information will be at your accommodation.

What options do i have to go around locally from my accommodation?

All our accommodations are within 20 minutes walk of the city centre. You may choose to walk everywhere or take a 5mins bus going into town or cycle or drive your car.

Who provides my beddings?

You provide all your personal items including beddings, cutleries, plates etc although all of our properties already come with some clean items you’re free to use.

Who cleans the accommodation?

You are responsible for cleaning your own accommodation and jointly rotate cleaning of communal areas. Your room accommodation will be inspected ones during your tenancy and it must be left in same clean state as received at the end of tenancy or a fee is chargeable for hiring professional cleaner.

Am I allowed to have guests?

Yes you can. It is your home so you are allowed to have guests visit you. However in the spirit of house sharing and the purpose of your study we stipulate a maximum stay of 3 days and if violated a warning and/or charge will be issued.

Please note only tenants listed on tenancy agreement have right to quiet enjoyment and possession of property for the entire duration of their tenancy.

There is a fault in my accommodation or communal area, what do i do?

As little as a broken hinge, please lets us know immediately what the fault is so the appropriate tradesmen or engineer can be sent over to fix the issue. If this is out hours pls contact directly the emergency service numbers we give you.

I need other support not mentioned

Kindly get in touch with us, we are most willing to help as best as we can.